[Wrf-users] help required WRF-VAR reg

iswari @yahoo.com iswarisan at yahoo.co.in
Wed Sep 2 05:52:17 MDT 2009

Dear all

I have a problem using wrf-var with varying schemes.

I've run the wrf model for the scheme using Pbl=YSU, for which the surface
layes scheme sf_sfclay_ physics is set to MYJ scheme, LSM=Noah LSM
Mp=Lin.et.al.,sf_surafce_physics=unified Noah LSM

For running VAR, the namelist options available are only for the following

micro-physics, sf_sfclay_physics, sf_surface_physics and num_soil_layers

i find there is no option for other schemes setting in the namelist.input of

the namelist file of wrfvar is attached along with the mail as an attachment.

Also while i use the sf_sfclay_physics=1(Monin Obukhov scheme) the wrfvar gives
the wrfvar_output file for the above specification.But according to the wrf-var
settings for the PBL scheme YSU, the sf_sfclay_physics is set to MYJ scheme and
the same should be set in WRF-VAR namelist.When i do so it breaks of with the
error in the rsl.out.0000


P0_3188:P4_error: interrupt SIGSEV:11

P0_3188:(12.291124) net_send: could not write to fd=4,error=32.

Can anyone help me regarding this.

Thanking you


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