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Feng Liu fliu at mag.maricopa.gov
Thu Aug 6 18:23:46 MDT 2009

Hi, Sir
I conducted the two experiments with real data, the first is WRRv31_18
which runs WRF day by day separately. The second one is WRFv31_19,
running WRF continuously . By comparing against observations, I found
that the bias of  WRFv31_19 is much bigger than that of WRFv31_18 for
temperature and wind speed. See the bias bar for the two runs attached.
I wonder if we have to run WRFv31 day by day for "better" metrological
data for driving air quality model such as CMAQ and CAMx. However this
is expensive way because the longer CPU and computing time are needed.
So what is the reliable period to run WRFv31 continuously for real case?
Thank you for your supports.
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