[Wrf-users] WRF running problem---rrtm: TBOUND exceeds table limit: reset 346.143

Eric Altshuler ela at cola.iges.org
Wed Jul 8 11:18:41 MDT 2009

Dear Yan Bao,

These messages indicate that the skin temperature at some grid point(s) exceeds 340 K, which is physically possible in hot desert regions in summer (e.g. Sahara and Arabian deserts). If part of your model domain covers one of these deserts and you are running WRF in the summer season, it is normal for these messages to occur in the course of a successful run. They do not necessarily indicate that the model is becoming unstable. If the reported values frequently exceed 345 K, you may want to increase the frequency of radiation calls (set radt to a smaller value).

If you see these messages during a run in which skin temperature above 340 K is implausible (e.g. winter season, or domain does not cover any desert regions) then something is going wrong. In my case, WRF was blowing up for a reason completely unrelated to the TBOUND messages (I was running a nest that extended poleward of 45 degrees where polar filtering is applied in the global model, and in my experience this will generally cause WRF to blow up, so it must be avoided).

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Hi,Eric L.Al tshuler
     I saw your poster in
http://mailman.ucar.edu/pipermail/wrf-users/2008/000910.html . Now I
met the same problem with you when running WRF regional model. Could
you tell me  if you have fixed the problem and how you fix it?
     Thanks very much for that.

     Yan Bao

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