[Wrf-users] WRF-Var question: adjoint initialization

Emil Constantinescu emconsta at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jul 6 10:14:02 MDT 2009


I am trying to run a consistency check on the adjoint model (as a whole, 
not function by function). For that I need to be able to initialize the 
adjoint variables (lambda) at the final time; however, I could not find 
the right way to do it. I am guessing the adjoint variables can be 
initialized by setting the G_* variables in the (last) forcing file.

Am I right?

Also, does anyone know of a good description of the information exchange 
in WRF+ (e.g., which variable are read by AD, what is A_* and G_* in the 
forcing files)? I was looking for something more detailed than what can 
be found in the overview schematics in the Mon. Wea. Rev. papers.

Many thanks,

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