[ncl-talk] colorbar that's part grayscale, part color?

Jared Lee jaredlee at ucar.edu
Mon Feb 12 17:33:47 MST 2018

Hi all,

Has anyone out there made any plots where the colorbar/colormap is part
grayscale, part color? For example, what I'd like to do for one application
is make some plots with a color palette like "NCV_bright," for instance,
where temperatures below 0ºC (say) get plotted in a grayscaled version of
the color palette, but grid cells with values above 0ºC get plotted with
the regular full-color palette. How would I go about doing that? Would I
have to manually replace the sub-zero part of my color palette with various
named gray colors? Thanks for any tips or ideas!


Jared A. Lee, Ph.D.
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Boulder, Colorado, USA

Member, AMS Planning Commission

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