[ncl-talk] ESMF_regrid issue: 'ESMF_RegridWeightGen' was not successful.

Yuhan Rao yrao at terpmail.umd.edu
Fri Jul 28 11:54:49 MDT 2017


My apologies for the previous incomplete message.

I was running into issues of ESMF_regid_with_weights. I am trying to regrid
the the NDVI data (at the resolution of 1/12 degree) to a 0.75 degree for
my analysis.
When I try to regrid them using ESMF_regrid_with_weights functions, I ran
into the problem during weight generation step. The information provided by
the debug option is listed here:
(0) =====> CPU Elapsed Time: rectilinear_to_SCRIP: 9.34327 seconds <=====
(0) ESMF_regrid_gen_weights: number of processors used: 1
(0) --------------------------------------------------
(0) ESMF_regrid_gen_weights: the following command is about to be executed
on the system:
(0) 'ESMF_RegridWeightGen --source src_SCRIP.nc --destination dst_SCRIP.nc
--weight gimms_to_rect.nc --method patch -i --check'
(0) --------------------------------------------------
(0) ESMF_regrid_gen_weights: output from 'ESMF_RegridWeightGen':
(0)      Starting weight generation with these inputs:
(1)        Source File: src_SCRIP.nc
(2)        Destination File: dst_SCRIP.nc
(3)        Weight File: gimms_to_rect.nc
(4)        Source File is in SCRIP format
(5)        Source Grid is a global grid
(6)        Source Grid is a logically rectangular grid
(7)        Destination File is in SCRIP format
(8)        Destination Grid is a global grid
(9)        Destination Grid is a logically rectangular grid
(10)        Regrid Method: patch
(11)        Pole option: ALL
(12)        Ignore unmapped destination points
(13)        Norm Type: dstarea
(0) --------------------------------------------------
(0) ESMF_regrid_gen_weights: 'ESMF_RegridWeightGen' was not successful.

My scripts is listed below:

;  process_ndvi3g_data.ncl
;    -read in ndvi 3g data
;    -regrid 1/12 degree to 0.75 deg
;    -during regridding, mask climatology value

load "$NCARG_ROOT/lib/ncarg/nclscripts/esmf/ESMF_regridding.ncl"

pixel   = 0.75                           ; new grid size
latN    = todouble(  90.-0.5*pixel)      ; geolocation limits
latS    = todouble( -90.+0.5*pixel)      ; for center of coner grids
lonW    = todouble(-180.+0.5*pixel)
lonE    = todouble( 180.-0.5*pixel)
nlon    = toint((lonE-lonW)/pixel+1)
nlat    = toint((latN-latS)/pixel+1)

lat_new = todouble(fspan(latS,latN,nlat))
lon_new = todouble(fspan(lonW,lonE,nlon))

lat_new!0             = "lat"
lat_new&lat           = lat_new
lat_new&lat at long_name = "latitude"
lat_new&lat at units     = "degrees_north"
lon_new!0             = "lon"
lon_new&lon           = lon_new
lon_new&lon at long_name = "longitude"
lon_new&lon at units     = "degrees_east"

ndvi_all = new((/24,nlat,nlon/),float)

fin  = addfile("ndvi3g_1982_nasa.nc","r")
ndvi = fin->ndvi
flag = fin->flag

ntime = dimsizes(ndvi&time)
;---iterate through each 15-day period
;   masking out data with flag=2 & missing data

;---Generate dst grid file

  dstGridName        = "dst_SCRIP.nc"

  Opt                = True
  Opt at ForceOverwrite = True
  Opt at PrintTimins    = True


  do itime = 0, ntime-1

;---Generate Src grids (mask is changing)
   tmpndvi = ndvi(itime,:,:)
   tmpmask = flag(itime,:,:)
   tmpmask = where((.not.ismissing(tmpndvi)).and.(tmpmask.ne.2),1,0)

   srcGridName        = "src_SCRIP.nc"
   wgtFileName        = "gimms_to_rect.nc"

   Opt                = True
   Opt at GridMask       = tmpmask
   Opt at ForceOverwrite = True
   Opt at PrintTimings   = True
   Opt at Title          = "GIMMS Grid"


;  Generate the weights between Src to Dst grids
   Opt                = True
   Opt at InterpMethod   = "patch"
   Opt at ForceOverwrite = True
   Opt at PrintTimings   = True
   Opt at Debug          = True
   Opt at Check          = True
;   setfileoption("nc","Format","LargeFile")

   ; esmf_regrid with precalculated weight file
   Opt                 = True
   Opt at PrintTimings    = True

   tmp_regrid = ESMF_regrid_with_weights(tmpndvi,wgtFileName,Opt)

   ndvi_all(itime,:,:) = tmp_regrid

  end do ;itime

ndvi_all!0             = "time"
ndvi_all!1             = "lat"
ndvi_all!2             = "lon"
ndvi_all&lat           = lat_new
ndvi_all&lon           = lon_new
ndvi_all&lat at units     = "degrees_north"
ndvi_all&lon at units     = "degrees_east"
ndvi_all&lat at long_name = "latitude"
ndvi_all&lon at long_name = "longitude"

ndvi_all at time          = systemfunc("date")
ndvi_all at comments      = "Regridded GIMMS 3g NDVI data from NASA NEX using
ESMF_regrid in NCL. Only NDVI values with flag (0,1) is used in regridding."
ndvi_all at long_name     = "Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (GIMMS 3g)"
ndvi_all at scale         = 0.0001

ndvi_all               =
ndvi_all at _FillValue   := toshort(-32768)    ; conver to short to compress

ndvi_all&time          = fspan(0.5,12,24)

oname = "ndvi3d_1982_r0.75x0.75.nc"
system("rm -f "+oname)
fout  = addfile(oname,"c")
fout->ndvi = ndvi_all

I have put my data in the ftp.cgd.ucar.edu/incoming, the file name is "

Could you help me look into this issue?


Rao, Yuhan (Douglas)
Doctoral Candidate/Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Geographical Sciences
Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites-Maryland
University of Maryland
2138 LeFrak Hall, 7251 Preinkert Dr.
College Park, MD 20742
E-mail: yuhan.rao at gmail.com/yrao at terpmail.umd.edu
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