[ncl-talk] how to plot this triangle grids

LI Qi liqi123sh at qq.com
Wed Jul 26 09:29:59 MDT 2017

Dear NCL,

I'd like to ask how to plot the attached fig.
It's RMSE, the four quadrants in one grid representing four different reanalysis.
Is this plot attributed to triangle mesh or raster fill?
Thanks for any light shed on this.


The “portrait” diagram of relative spatially averaged RMSEs in the 1981–2000 climatologies of temperature and precipitation indices simulated by the CMIP5 models with respect to the four reanalyses, ERA40 (left triangle), ERA-Interim (upper triangle), NCEP1 (right triangle), and NCEP2 (lower triangle). The RMSEs are spatially averaged over global land grid points. The top row indicates the mean relative RMSE across all indices for a particular model and the grey-shaded columns on the right side indicates the standardized median RMSEmedian,std for CMIP3 and CMIP5 (see text for details).
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