[ncl-talk] questions about time-height contour plot

Ying Song ysong4 at slu.edu
Tue Jul 25 14:02:56 MDT 2017

I has a question about plot daily vertical profiles over time in NCL. I
have one month daily ozonesonde from flight in .ict format and hope to plot
the daily profiles over time. (just like the left picture on the webpage:
The My thought is to define a new array (/nlev, ntimes/), write the 30
days' ozonesonde into one array, use "gsn_csm_pres_hgt" to plot. However,
the nlev are different among my daily profiles. Do I have to preprocess my
profiles to get uniform vertical level or NCL can handle it directly? Do
you have an example that I can check?

Thank you very much!

Ying Song, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Saint Louis University

ysong4 at slu.edu
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