[ncl-talk] Problem with WRF/WPS/GFS New Data

Barry Lynn barry.h.lynn at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 22:24:52 MDT 2017


The GFS was upgraded at 12 UTC on the 19th.

When using the WRF/WPS with the new data, there is a problem with the snow
cover mask along coastlines.  There are nonsensical values at the sea/land
interface grids.  I hope that WRFHelp will provide an updated WPS to solve
this problem.

In the meantime, if snow cover is present in your forecasts, here is simple
fix to modify the wrfinput file after running real.exe



  a = addfile(filename,"r")

  snowh= a->SNOWH

  snowc= a->SNOWC

  snow= a->SNOW

  snowh = 0.

  snowc = 0.

  snow = 0.

  f = addfile(filename,"w")

  f->SNOWH = snowh

  f->SNOWC = snowc

  f->SNOW = snow


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