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Mary Haley haley at ucar.edu
Thu Jul 24 09:52:42 MDT 2014

Dear Xueming,

As Karin suggests, we need a little more information.  The
"get_dst_grid_info" is coming out of the ESMF regridding, but it's an
internal routine that nobody knows about.

My guess is that you haven't provide a "destination" lat/lon grid to regrid
to.  It looks like you set:

opt at DstGridType  = "rectilinear"

or something like that, but this is not enough information. You need to
explicitly provide the information to regrid to, like:

opt at DstGridType = "0.5deg"


opt at DstGridType = "1x1"    ; 1 x 1 degree

or you need to provide the actual lat/lon arrays for regridding:

;---Create the destination lat/lon grid
    lat = fspan( 53.2420, 85.4022,nlat)
    lon = fspan(135.7750,258.1880,nlon)

    opt at DstGridType          = "rectilinear"
    opt at DstGridLat           = lat
    opt at DstGridLon           = lon

Please see the ESMF regridding examples page:



On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 1:52 AM, Karin Meier-Fleischer <
meier-fleischer at dkrz.de> wrote:

>   Hi,
>  I don't know get_dst_grid_info and without further information it is not
> possible to help you.
>  But I would suggest that there are no the latitude and longitude
> dimensions as told by the error
>  message. Do a printVarSummary  of the variable you want to plot and look
> at its dimensions first.
>  Bye,
>  Karin
> Am 24.07.14 05:03, schrieb 朱学明:
>  Hello all,
>      I am trying to use ncl V6.2.0 to draw a picture with triangle grid,
> but I have got some messages as follow,
> (0) get_dst_grid_info: no lat/lon values provided for type of grid
> specified (rectilinear).
> Then stop running.
> What's the reason for that? Thanks.
>  2014-07-24
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