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Hello fellow Hearts of GOLD participants!
Grady, thanks for getting this listserv going. I wanted to forward some recent publications on diversity in fisheries and atmospheric science that may be of interest (if you haven't seen them already - note that there's a co-author on this listserv!!).

The October issue of BAMS (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society) has two articles related to DEI that may be of interest.

*       One article outlines an undergraduate leadership workshop at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) - a paragraph on "a sense of belonging", in particular, felt quite pertinent to this group (nice work, Carolyn!!).

*       The other article focuses on diversity at AMS. This article is first in a series of similar articles that report analysis of a membership survey of the AMS.

These next 2 focus on issues of diversity in the fisheries workforce and some actionable steps for improvement within the American Fisheries Society:


Finally, the Sea Grant network is working on a best-practices guide for incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into our programming and we are looking for potential reviewers. I've attached the Table of Contents here FYI - please get in touch if this is something you'd be willing to comment on for us.

Take care,

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