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Karl Taylor taylor13 at llnl.gov
Wed Nov 30 14:32:30 MST 2011

Hi Martin,

I'm not sure about this, but according to the Appendix D. of the 


the formulas are different enough, at least for some variants of sigma 
coordinates, that the script will unlikely work.

Anyway, let us know what you find out.

On 11/30/11 8:37 AM, martin.juckes at stfc.ac.uk wrote:
> I think Gary's suggestion will work -- I should have said from "sigma-height" levels to height (it is ocean data that the user is trying to deal with), so it should be the same as getting to pressure from the usual pressure based sigma system. I'll check it and let you know,
> cheers,
> Martin
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> doesn't that return pressure levels?  seems they're requesting height
> On 11/30/11 7:28 AM, Gary Strand wrote:
> On Wed Nov 30, 2011, at 5:05 AM,<martin.juckes at stfc.ac.uk><mailto:martin.juckes at stfc.ac.uk>  wrote:
> Hello,
> does anyone have a robust and portable script (e.g. NCL) to interpolate CMIP5 data from sigma levels to height levels? A user has asked for advise on this, and it would make sense to provide something which exploits the uniformity provided by the CMOR2 data model,
> See
> http://www.ncl.ucar.edu/Document/Functions/Built-in/vinth2p.shtml
> Gary Strand
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