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Subject: Postdoctoral Fellowship: Smithsonian's MarineGEO, URL update

Call for MarineGEO Postdoctoral Fellowship Proposals Submission=20

Deadline: December 15, 2016=20

The Smithsonian=92s Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network (TMON) invite=
s research proposals=20
for the MarineGEO Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. Proposals should advan=
ce the goals of the=20
Marine Global Earth Observatory. MarineGEO is a growing, long-term, world=
wide research program=20
focused on understanding geographic and temporal patterns and processes i=
n coastal marine=20
biodiversity and ecosystems using comparative approaches. By specializing=
 in coastal systems,=20
MarineGEO studies can reveal the role marine biodiversity plays in mainta=
ining resilient ecosystems=20
in the portion of the ocean where people and marine biodiversity are conc=
entrated and interact most.=20
To learn more about MarineGEO and our labs, please visit the program webs=

MarineGEO is dedicated to understanding changes in and relationships amon=
g the biodiversity,=20
structure, and functioning of marine ecosystems at local to global scales=
. Two cornerstones of=20
MarineGEO are (1) the use of standardized, repeated, long-term research a=
nd (2) coordinated=20
experiments conducted across the Smithsonian=92s facilities and an expand=
ing global network of=20
diverse partners. This approach is designed to:=20
=95=09Achieve rigorous, comparative understanding of biodiversity trends =
across space and time=20
=95=09Understand the nature and causes of variation in coastal marine eco=
=95=09Assess links between local and global environmental forcing, biodiv=
ersity, and functioning of=20

Please visit https://marinegeo.si.edu/marinegeo-postdoctoral-fellowship-c=
for more=20
information on this postdoctoral fellowship opportunity and to apply.
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