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Subject: Tenure-track faculty position in Ecology


The Appalachian Laboratory (AL) of the University of Maryland Center for=20=

Environmental Science (UMCES) seeks applicants to fill a tenure-track fac=
ulty position=20
in Ecology at the level of Assistant Professor. We are searching for an i=
scientist who addresses research questions regarding ecological patterns =
processes at large spatial scales (e.g., landscape/watershed and above). =
While the=20
specific ecological discipline of this position is open, strong preferenc=
e will be given to=20
applicants who: (1) have an organismal focus to their research - from pop=
ulations to=20
communities, (2) integrate data with quantitative/computational tools to =
phenomena across spatio-temporal scales, and (3) will devote a portion of=
research program to issues relevant to conservation and management in eas=
tern North=20
America. Our primary goal is to enhance our expertise in applied landscap=
ecology toward a predictive understanding of ecological and evolutionary =
responses to=20
ongoing global change processes, including disease, land use change, wate=
r quality=20
degradation, and climate change.

The UMCES mission includes advancing basic and applied research, promotin=
graduate-level education, conducting science outreach and application, an=
d providing=20
scientific expertise for regional environmental policies on topics such a=
s air, land,=20
water, and wildlife management/conservation.  UMCES=92 research domains e=
"genes-to-ecosystems" and "mountains-to-the-sea" in the Chesapeake Bay wa=
and beyond. Faculty at AL emphasize research, while carrying an expectati=
on of=20
mentoring graduate students and a modest graduate-level teaching load. AL=
 faculty are=20
provided strong administrative support and have access to excellent resea=
computing, and teaching facilities, including isotopic, molecular, plant,=
 soil, and water=20
analysis laboratories, and a greenhouse. AL is located in Frostburg, MD, =
a small college=20
town (home to Frostburg State University) in the heart of the central App=
Mountains, with excellent recreational and cultural opportunities.

Applicants should send the following electronically as a single pdf docum=
ent: (1) a=20
curriculum vitae; (2) statement of research interests and a brief discuss=
ion of how their=20
research aligns with the job description and would complement ongoing res=
earch at AL;=20
(3) statement on experience with and approach to graduate-level teaching =
mentorship; (4) up to five selected reprints and preprints; and (5) names=
 of four=20
references (including title, mailing address, telephone, and email addres=
s) to=20
PIsearch at al.umces.edu. Review of applications will begin on January 2, 20=
17 will=20
continue until the position is filled. Inquiries may be addressed to the =
Committee Chair, Dr. Matt Fitzpatrick at mfitzpatrick at umces.edu.  UMCES i=
s an equal=20
opportunity employer. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities an=
d veterans are=20
encouraged to apply.

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