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Subject: Ph.D. Recruitment  Nitrogen Cycling in High Temperature

Ph.D. Recruitment  Nitrogen Cycling in High Temperature Agroecosystems

University of California Riverside
Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
Darrel Jenerette

I am recruiting a Ph.D. graduate student for a recently funded project=20=

directed towards nitrogen cycling in high temperature agricultural=20
systems.  The project goals are to improve understanding and to evaluate=20=

mitigation potential of agricultural contributions to air quality and=20
greenhouse gasses.  The project features opportunities to work with a=20
unique combination of nitrogen trace gas emission measurements using=20
fast response environmental sensors, remote sensing from multiple=20
imaging platforms, coupled soil-atmosphere process modeling, and=20
engagement with policy through California=92s cap and trade system.  The=20=

student will work with an interdisciplinary team at the University of=20
California with collaborators at the California State University East=20
Bay and University of Iowa.  Recent findings (Oikawa et al. 2015, Nature=20=

Communications; Liang et al. 2016 Global Change Biology) describe the=20
theoretical and empirical justifications for the project.=20=20=20=20

As part of the Jenerette lab, the student will join a diverse group of=20=

researchers who value both basic science and applications directed to=20
improving societal sustainability.  We foster a collaborative=20
environment for success in the program and as a platform for a wide=20
range of future careers.  Training is individualized to student needs=20
and emphasizes critical and creative scientific thinking, technical=20
skill development, working in diverse teams, and science communication=20=

from publishing high quality journal articles to oral presentations and=20=

engagement with the public.

UC Riverside and the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences provides a=20=

stimulating and enjoyable home for graduate training.  The university=20
features a diverse student population in terms of background and goals.=20=
At the edge of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan region, Riverside is=20=

located near ocean, mountains, and desert environments along with=20
premier cultural opportunities.

Interested students should contact Darrel Jenerette=20
(darrel.jenerette at ucr.edu) and provide a short description of=20
background, interests, and goals.  Information about the application=20
process (due December 19, 2016) and our graduate program are available=20=

on the departmental webpage.  Students from diverse backgrounds are=20
encouraged to apply.
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