[ES_JOBS_NET] Subject: Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Forest Soil Microbiology

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Subject: Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Forest Soil Microbiology

Please send enquiries or applications to Jean-Claude Ruel (direction-forest=
erie at sbf.ulaval.ca<mailto:direction-foresterie at sbf.ulaval.ca>)

Position Description

The Wood and Forest Sciences Department of Universit=E9 Laval is currently =
preparing an application for a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (www.chairs-cha=
ires.gc.ca) in soil microbiology. This chair is for five years, renewable, =
and will lead to a permanent position. The applicant must be an exceptional=
, established researcher, recognized by peers to have the potential to beco=
me a leader in the field.

Research Program

The research program should address one or more of the following themes rel=
ated to microbiology of forest soils:

- Microbial community dynamics in ecotones, in the context of climate chang=
e, particularly northern transitions in the Quebec forest

- Factors influencing the assemblage of microbial communities;

- Response of microbial communities to natural and anthropogenic disturbanc=

- Role and potential use of soil microbes in nutrient cycling and tree nutr=

The proposed research program should be aligned to be complementary to rese=
arch activities already ongoing in the department and aim to build a strong=
 graduate training program in this domain. The integration with research pr=
ograms already in place at Universit=E9 Laval in the north is encouraged. T=
he Chair will have a reduced teaching charge, and the expectation is for in=
volvement in diverse internal and external academic activities (department,=
 faculty and university level committees). The selected candidate will firs=
t participate in an internal competition at Universit=E9 Laval, for which t=
he deadline is July 4th. If the project is selected at this stage, it will =
be subsequently be improved and presented to the Canada Research Chair prog=
ram. The provision of a post depends on the success of the candidate in obt=
aining a Research Chair.

Selection Criteria for Canada Research Chair, Tier 1

-  Have specific competencies in at least two of the domains cited above in=
 the description of the research program

-  Applicants should be at a tenured professor level, or have the necessary=
 qualifications to occupy a position at one of this level

-  Have demonstrated strong research and teaching capacities

-  Have demonstrated a capacity to integrate within multidisciplinary resea=
rch teams

-  The publication record should be higher than average for a researchers a=
t a similar level in their career (in a comparison at the national level)

-  Demonstrated abilities to supervise graduate students

-  Have a higher than average funding level for a comparable reference grou=

-  Have demonstrated collaborations at an international level

-  Be able to communicate in French, or be willing to upgrade language capa=
city within a year

Employment conditions are consistent with the collective agreement in place=
 for professors at Universit=E9 Laval. The estimated date of hiring is Janu=
ary 2017.

Universit=E9 Laval favours diversity, and encourages all qualified persons =
to apply, in particular qualified women, members of visible minorities, ind=
igenous persons and handicapped persons. The priority will be given to Cana=
dian applicants or those with the status of permanent residents.

All interested persons should send their application by electronic mail, in=
cluding a letter of motivation, a CV and the name of three references, by J=
une 2nd to: Jean-Claude Ruel, Director, Department of Wood and Forest Scien=
ces, Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics, Universit=E9 Laval. Emai=
l: direction-foresterie at sbf.ulaval.
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