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Scientist I

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Job Description

    An entry level Scientist I position is open in the Mesoscale and
    Microscale Meteorology (MMM) Laboratory at the National Center for
    Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

    The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the MMM
    mission “to advance the understanding of the mesoscale and
    microscale aspects of weather and climate, and to apply this
    knowledge to benefit society.”   To fulfill this mission, MMM is
    seeking applications in the following areas:

      * *Mesoscale and Microscale Frontiers*: Recent advances have
        opened the door to global, convection resolving simulations, and
        large-eddy simulations of mesoscale flows and complex
        surface-atmosphere exchange. New and planned remote sensing
        developments in satellites and radar, as well as advances in
        aircraft instrumentation, promise dramatically improved
        perspectives on clouds and precipitating processes. In order to
        probe these frontiers, novel approaches that cross traditional
        disciplinary boundaries will be needed.

      * *Development of community models and application to fundamental
        research problems*: A cornerstone of MMM science is the
        development of community weather prediction models. Applications
        from the ultra-fine scales of 10s-100s of meters to global
        phenomena at intraseasonal time scales will push the boundaries
        of technology and scientific understanding and create
        opportunities for collaborations across NCAR. Wide-ranging
        applications of earth system community models require
        representations of physical processes that are more robust
        across a range of space and time scales. New observations are
        also important for grounding the development of
        parameterizations that couple clouds, radiation, aerosols and
        turbulence and boundary layers.

      * *Data assimilation, ensemble prediction and predictability*:
        Model initialization is tightly coupled to ensemble prediction
        and predictability research. To address strategic goals of
        weather prediction research, especially at fine spatial scales,
        new data assimilation methods may be required. Furthermore, data
        assimilation offers a rigorous way to simultaneously evaluate
        models and observations and thus provides a valuable platform
        for improving models, interpreting field data, and understanding

      * *Interdisciplinary research on extreme weather and its impacts*:
        Hazard impact assessment and prediction is essential for
        producing more societally useful information and requires
        scientists with broad interests and skills. Furthermore,
        understanding how users of prediction information perceive and
        interpret information and make decisions, especially in
        situations of limited predictability, is essential for targeting
        advances to benefit a diverse collection of people.

    A Scientist I in MMM has the opportunity to develop an independent
    research program within the broad guidelines of the MMM and NCAR
    strategic plans and to shape future plans. Research is expected to
    contribute to NCAR’s mission as a national center. Appointment to
    Scientist II is expected sometime within the 5-year Scientist I
    term, pending a successful review of scientific productivity and
    innovation, contributions to MMM and NCAR programs, community
    service, and promise of scientific leadership. The position comes
    with a share of administrative and computing support. Additional
    support may by realized through competitive grants.

    Information about MMM and NCAR can be found at www.mmm.ucar.edu

    Information for Applicants: To apply for this position, visit UCAR
    Human Resources

    Requirements include a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in atmospheric
    or related science. Applicants should provide a cover letter, a
    statement of research interests and how they might contribute to the
    MMM mission and strategic plan, a current CV, and the names of four
    potential references. Initial consideration will be given to
    applications received prior to December 15, 2015.

    The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is an
    equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action employer that
    strives to develop and maintain a diverse workforce. UCAR is
    committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and
    applicants for employment and does not discriminate on the basis of
    race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex,
    gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual
    orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy.

    Whatever your intersection of identities, you are welcome at the
    University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). We are
    committed to inclusivity and promoting an equitable environment that
    values and respects the uniqueness of all members of our organization.

Job Location
    Boulder, Colorado, United States
Position Type

Appointment Type
Regular, Full-Time (R1)

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