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Sun Oct 4 21:18:16 MDT 2015

PROPOSAL for a 1 year post-doc position Mapping GHG emissions by soils at
the regional scale


Among the six greenhouse gases (GHG) to be reduced to limit the
anthropogenic contribution to climate warming, two are significantly
produced by agriculture: methane and N2O, the latter being released by
soils, especially fertilized agricultural soils. In the French Region
Centre, GHG  emissions from agriculture represent 27% of the total
 GHG emissions, and the Region Centre government intends to reduce them
down to 40%, with 20 % for GHG from agriculture. The post-doc will
contribute to
this objective by realizing an up-to date regional map of the N2O emissions
risks by  agricultural soils. The map will be defined by a
alea/vulnerability/risk method, where alea will be determined from chemical
and microbiological soil characteristics, and vulnerability will be derived
from a soil-plant-atmosphere model over the regional territory. The
post-doc will take place at INRA, Orleans (France).

Specific requirements

- PhD in Environmental sciences / Soil Science / Modelling ;
- Skills in data analysis and modelling (hydric modelling,
soil-plant-atmosphere modelling) ;
- The applicant must less than 35 years old.


Thank you to send your CV and a letter explaining your professional project
Isabelle.Cousin at orleans.inra.fr and Catherine.Henault at orleans.inra.fr
before October 25th 2015.

After a first selection on these documents, a special evaluation committee
will audit few candidates to define the most suitable one. Auditions will
be planed during the period from 1st November 2015.

Supervision and location
The applicant will work directly with by Dr Catherine Henault and Dr
Isabelle Cousin, senior scientists at the French National Institute for
Agronomic Research (INRA).

The junior scientist will be located at:
UR 0272 - Unite de Science du Sol
Centre de recherche Val de Loire, site d'Orl=C3=A9ans
2163 Avenue de la Pomme de Pin
CS 40001 ARDON
45075 ORLEANS Cedex 2, France

*Post-doc to start in December 2015*

The UR SOLS unit conducts studies in Soil Science on the interactions
between soil physical properties and hydric and biochemical functioning,
taking into account the wide diversity of soils. Using skills dealing with
the observation, in situ spatial measurements, experiments in controlled
conditions and modeling, these researchs, aims for a better soil
conservation, a better management of water resources and protection of air
quality. UR SOLS also contributes to soil science teachings.
http:// http://www6.val-de-loire.inra.fr/ur-sols

Fundings for this post-doc position is provided by Region Centre
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