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*Job Title:*Student Trainee (Hydrology), GS-1399-4 (PTI/ds)

*Department:*Department Of The Interior

*Agency:*Geological Survey

*Job Announcement Number:*ATL-2015-1357


	$14.68 to $19.09 / Per Hour


	Wednesday, September 30, 2015 to Friday, October 9, 2015




	Part-Time (20-32 hrs weekly), with expectation of Full-Time hours 
during the school breaks/summer. - Pathways Internship Program, 
Not-to-exceed 1 year




	FEW vacancies - Boulder, COView Map 


	All qualified U.S. citizens who meet the eligibility requirements for 
the Pathways Internship Program as described below and are located in 
the local commuting area.


	Q - Nonsensitive




About the Agency <http://www.usgs.gov/aboutusgs/>

*What General Information Do I Need To Know About This Position?*

  * During the school year part-time hours will apply; however, during
    school breaks and the summer period, full-time hours may apply.

In order to be eligible for an appointment under the Pathways Internship 

  * You must be a student accepted for enrollment or enrolled in a
    degree or certificate program on a full- or half-time basis as
    defined by the school (certificate program means post-secondary
    education, in a qualifying educational institution, equivalent to at
    least one academic year of full-time study that is part of an
    accredited college-level, technical, trade, vocational, or business
    school curriculum); and
  * Enrollment is with a qualifying educational institution such as a
    high school or state-approved homeschool; or accredited technical or
    vocational school; a 2- or 4-year college or university; a graduate
    or professional school (e.g., law school, medical school); or a
    post-secondary home school curriculum; and
  * Students currently enrolled must be in good academic standing
    maintaining a 2.0 grade point average on a cumulative basis; and
  * The duties of this position should be related to your academic or
    career goals.

You must continue to meet these eligibility requirements throughout the 
duration of your appointment under the Pathways Internship Program.


  * Occasional Travel
  * Overnight travel may require up to 5 nights per month.


  * No


  * Applicants must be U.S. Citizens.
  * Suitable for Federal employment, as determined by background
  * The entire period served under the Intern Program counts as a trial
  * Selectee must possess a valid driver's license/safe driving record.
  * More requirements are listed under Qualifications and Other Information.



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As a Student Trainee (Hydrology) with the National Research Program - 
Central Branch, you will serve in a trainee capacity, performing routine 
and recurring development assignments to acquire knowledge and 
understanding of functions, principles, practices, and methods used in 
the area of gathering basic hydrologic data for mostly lab-related work.
Duties include:

-Packing, unpacking, labeling, and storing water and soil samples

-Assisting in the preparation of water samples.

-Analyzing water samples utilizing a variety of techniques.

-Assisting scientists with scientific projects in the office.

The work is primarily performed in a chemistry laboratory and is 
physically demanding and includes long periods of standing, walking, 
bending, climbing and lifting of equipment up to 50 pounds. Duties in 
the laboratory require good manual dexterity. Safety apparel are 
required daily, including personal protective equipment, which is 
provided by the laboratory.

  * **The U.S. Geological Survey has determined that the duties of this
    position are suitable for telework only during an emergency or
    natural disaster.
    For additional information on our internal telework policy, please
    reference the Department of the Interior Telework Handbook



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For information on basic qualifications, which includes information on 
whether you may substitute education for specialized experience, please 
click on the 
If you are qualifying based on specialized experience, you must meet the 

      For GS-04:

Applicants must meet one of the following to qualify for the GS-4 level:

Six months of general experience and 6 months of specialized experience 
equivalent to at least the GS-3 level in the Federal service that is in 
or related to the duties of this position. NOTE: Excess specialized 
experience beyond the required 6 months may be substituted for general 
experience; i.e., one year of creditable specialized experience will 
meet the requirements for 6 months of general experience and 6 months of 
specialized experience. General experience is any type of work that 
demonstrates the applicant's ability to perform the work of the position 
to be filled, OR experience that provided a familiarity with the subject 
matter or processes of the broad subject area of the occupation for 
which the applicant is applying.

Examples of GS-3 level work assignments include: Performing simple 
analysis of water samples for specific conductance, PH, color, 
turbidity, chloride, and biochemical oxygen demand; 2) Recording 
analytical data for laboratory staff; 3) Assisting laboratory staff in 
the preparation of samples for more complex analysis; 4) Assisting in 
quality assurance operations including preparation of reference samples, 
standard solutions, reagents; 5) Receiving, inventory, packaging and 
shipping of laboratory and field sampling supplies to field offices and 
maintaining records of items and quantities to be shipped; 6) Cleaning 
laboratory equipment and glassware.

**OR applicants may substitute successful completion of two full years 
of study that included at least 12 semester hours, or the equivalent, in 
any combination of courses such as engineering, industrial technology, 
construction drafting, surveying, physical science, biology, or mathematics.

**OR a combination of successfully completed post-high school education 
and specialized and/or general experience may be used to meet the 
qualification requirements for the GS-04 level. NOTE: When crediting 
education to meet any part of the experience requirement, such education 
must include the appropriate number of directly related credit hours 
required in any combination of courses such as engineering, industrial 
technology, construction drafting, surveying, physical science, biology, 
or mathematics. When crediting this education, you must prorate the 
number of hours of directly related courses required as a proportion of 
the total education to be used.*(CLICKHERE 

You must meet all qualification and eligibility requirements for the 
position by the closing date of the announcement.

  * If this position requires specific educational coursework to
    qualify, or you are qualifying based in whole or part on education,
    you are required to provide all unofficial transcripts
    (undergraduate, graduate, etc.) by the closing date of this
    advertisement or you will be disqualified from further
    consideration. This proof may be faxed, mailed, document uploaded or
    hand delivered to the servicing Human Resources Office (see "Contact
    Information"). Please ensure that all documentation is legible. If
    selected, you will be required to provide official transcripts.
  * Education completed in colleges or universities outside the United
    States may be used to meet the above requirements. You must provide
    acceptable documentation that the foreign education is comparable to
    that received in an accredited educational institution in the United
    States. For more information on how foreign education is evaluated,

*Are There Any Special Requirements For This Position?*

  * Students who successfully complete the internship program may be
    eligible for conversion to a permanent appointment or a term (1-4
    years in duration) appointment without further competition.
    Eligibility requirements for conversion: must be a U.S. Citizen;
    complete at least 640 hours of work experience acquired through the
    Internship Program (*may waive up to a total of 320 hours under
    specific conditions); successfully complete your degree or
    certificate requirements from a qualifying institution; meet the
    qualification requirements for the position to which you will be
    converted; meet agency-specific requirements as outlined in the
    Participant's Agreement; and must have performed successfully in
    your position as documented through performance evaluations. *NOTE:
    To learn more about the conditions under which a portion of the work
    experience hours may be waived,
  * If converted to a permanent or term appointment, the anticipated
    target position will be*Physical Scientist*; however, the target
    position may change based on the need of the organization at that
    time. Interns must meet the qualification requirements for the
    position to which converted.
  * Throughout the recruitment and hiring process we will be
    communicating with you via email; therefore, it is imperative that
    the email address you provide when applying for this vacancy remains
    active. Should your email address change, please notify the point of
    contact identified in the vacancy announcement as soon as possible
    so that we can update our system.
  * *A background investigation will be required for this
    position.*Continued employment will be subject to the applicant's
    successful completion of a background security investigation and
    favorable adjudication. Failure to successfully meet these
    requirements will be grounds for termination.


*Basis of Rating:*

  * All applicants who meet the basic eligibility and qualification
    requirements will be referred to the selecting official in veterans'
    preference order.

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