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Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Sun Oct 4 21:14:58 MDT 2015

Graduate student assistantships in ecosystem ecology/biogeochemistry are
available in Steven Hall’s lab in the Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and
Organismal biology at Iowa State University. I am seeking students with
research interests in soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in natural and
agricultural ecosystems. Much of our work focuses on the interface
between terrestrial and wetland environments. I encourage students to
pursue fundamental mechanistic biogeochemical questions that can lead to
improvements in ecosystem models as well as informing management. There
are excellent local opportunities for students to develop collaborative
projects within the context of existing manipulative experiments and
watershed-scale nutrient monitoring efforts led by ISU colleagues.

I am interested in accepting students through either the Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology (https://eeb.iastate.edu/) or the Environmental
Science (https://enscigrad.iastate.edu/) interdisciplinary graduate
programs at ISU. Prior research experience is a must, and students
should have at least a cursory background in ecology, quantitative
skills, statistics, and preferably analytical chemistry. I encourage
interested students to contact me for more information
(stevenjh at iastate.edu), briefly describing why our lab would be a good
fit for you, and including a CV with your GPA. Check out the website for
more information: https://stevenhallecology.wordpress.com/

Ames, IA is an excellent place to live and work and consistently ranks
at the top of US college towns for quality of life and progressive
culture (http://www.cityofames.org). The EEOB department has a dynamic
and social graduate student culture. Our location in the upper Midwest
also puts us at ground zero for addressing many of the most important
ecological questions related to carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling
in coupled agricultural/natural ecosystems.

Steven Hall
Assistant Professor
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
Iowa State University
251 Bessey Hall
Ames,IA 50011
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