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Subject: Two postdoc positions in soil biogeochemistry

Two Postdoc positions on soil carbon and iron biogeochemistry in tropical f=

Description: We invite applications for two postdoc positions across divers=
e skillsets that intersect with soil biogeochemistry. The successful candid=
ates will conduct research into the role of iron redox processes on soil ca=
rbon mineralization in humid forests within the Luquillo Critical Zone Obse=
rvatory, Puerto Rico.

The candidates will combine detailed laboratory experiments on iron oxidati=
on/reduction kinetics coupled to carbon mineralization, field manipulations=
 and observations from large sensor arrays across the Luquillo forest, and =
implement numerical modeling (structural equation and reactive transport mo=
deling) to scale iron-based carbon decomposition to the whole ecosystem. Th=
e project is jointly led by Whendee Silver (UC-Berkeley), Aaron Thompson (U=
 Georgia) and Steven Hall (Iowa State U).

The selected candidates will conduct fieldwork in the Luquillo Experimental=
 Forest, Puerto Rico, part of the NSF sponsored Long-term Ecological Resear=
ch Program Critical Zone Observatory, and DOE sponsored research sites. Lab=
oratory analyses and/or numerical modeling work will also take place at the=
 Universities of Georgia, Iowa State, or California-Berkeley. In addition, =
the postdoctoral fellows will be expected to generate original research que=
stions related to the project. These may include complementary experiments,=
 novel analytical avenues or alternative modeling schemes.

Required Qualifications:  The postdoctoral fellows must have earned their P=
h.D. prior to Sept. 2015. Applicants should hold a Doctoral degree in ecosy=
stem ecology, biogeochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, geoscience, soil sc=
ience or a related discipline. Publications in peer reviewed journals as a =
first author is mandatory. Candidates must demonstrate experience and exper=
tise in soil carbon or iron cycling, numerical modeling, or microbial ecolo=
gy, and have a broad perspective of ecosystem processes.

Desired Qualifications: Candidates should exhibit a strong ability to colla=
borate with an interdisciplinary team. Prior experience with a wide range o=
f field and lab analytical techniques or numerical modeling is desired. Str=
ong organizational and communication skills (both oral and written), and a =
high level of productivity should be demonstrated. Spanish-language fluency=
 is helpful, but not required.

Application instructions:

Please send a single pdf-file including: (a) a cover letter outlining resea=
rch interests; (b) a CV; and (c) the contact data of 2 referees. The pdf-fi=
le should be sent via email with [Luquillo-postdoc] in the subject line to =
wsilver at berkeley.edu<mailto:wsilver at berkeley.edu>, AaronT at uga.edu<mailto:Aa=
ronT at uga.edu>, and stevenjh at iastate.edu<mailto:stevenjh at iastate.edu>. Evalu=
ation of the applications will start August 31, 2015 and continue over the =
next six months until suitable candidates are hired.
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