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Date:    Tue, 4 Aug 2015 17:41:23 +0000
From:    Julia Petipas <JPetipas at UCSUSA.ORG>
Subject: Job opening at Union of Concerned Scientists

Hello Ecologgers,

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a new job opening that may be of inte=

Science and Policy Analyst

The Center for Science and Democracy at UCS is dedicated to strengthening a=
nd defending the essential role of science in democratic dialogue and polic=
ymaking. Through cutting-edge analysis and effective outreach and advocacy,=
 we hold decisionmakers, media, and vested interests accountable, and defen=
d the scientific process and scientists in order to secure a healthy and sa=
fe environment for all. The science and policy analyst works as an effectiv=
e and collaborative member in the development of research objectives and st=
rategies around independent science, justice and equity, environment, and p=
ublic health; and conceptualizes and undertakes robust, timely, accessible,=
 and policy-relevant research to help advance the mission of the Center.=20

You can always view the full list of job openings at Union of Concerned Sci=
entists at  http://www.ucsusa.org/about/jobs-ucs
 Those of you on LinkedIn can also visit the UCS careers page https://www.l=

We expect to have several new job opportunities over the next few  weeks, s=
o please check back often if the current openings don't match your interest=


Julia Petipas
Human Resources Partner=20
Union of Concerned Scientists |=A0=A0Cambridge MA USA=20
The Union of Concerned Scientists puts rigorous, independent science to wor=
k to solve our planet's most pressing problems. Joining with citizens acros=
s the country, we combine technical analysis and effective advocacy to crea=
te innovative, practical solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable fut=
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