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Job Vacancies with CA Dept of Water Resources / Hydrologic and Reservoir
Modeling Duties****

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Fri, 19 Apr 2013 21:14:43 +0000****

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Rizzardo, David at DWR <David.Rizzardo at water.ca.gov><David.Rizzardo at water.ca.gov>


Hello Colleagues –****


I hope you are all doing well.****

I wanted to reach out to you all because we have some exciting news here in
the Hydrology Branch of DWR’s Division of Flood Management.  We currently
have one Water Resources Engineer vacancy advertised and another soon to
hit the job bulletin.****


The current vacancy is for my section, Snow Surveys.  As some of you know,
our principle duty is to collect hydro-climate data and use it in our
various models and equations to forecast seasonal and water year runoff
into the major reservoirs in California.  We’re a dynamic group and are
looking for an outgoing, creative civil engineer (can be entry level) to
join our team.  The job advertisement can be found here:
http://www.water.ca.gov/jobs/dwr_job_vacancies.cfm with instructions on how
to apply, etc.****

The specific job duties are here:
http://www.water.ca.gov/jobs/pdf/1421-3137-xxx.pdf ****


This is a GREAT opportunity for anyone you know who is interested in
California hydrology, climate related work, reservoir operational studies,
flood hydrology, flood emergency response, and field work.  Yes…field
work!  Our engineers get out and get dirty – depending on the interest of
the individual they can do light duty and ride-alongs with other engineers
an techs…or they can bust out the skis/snow shoes and tag along on a snow
survey.  As I said, the job offers a great amount of experience for young

As the hiring supervisor, I am really looking for someone who can dive into
some of our physical modeling needs – we are developing a suite of USGS’
PRMS models for all watersheds in the Bulletin 120, we’re going to be
supporting Mike Anderson’s State Climatology program, and we’re heavily
linked to the expanding Forecast Coordinated Operation programs lead by my
colleague and friend Boone Lek.****

I can honestly say that working in the Hydrology Branch is where young
engineers interested in hydrology and reservoir operational modeling want
to be.****


Speaking of Boone and the Res Ops Section – he will also be advertising a
job fairly soon for another Water Resources Engineer – Boone is looking for
generally similar skills and abilities as me.  His section utilizes HEC-HMS
and ResSim models and also participates in PRMS development.  His engineers
also get field experience and participate in the daily river forecasting
duties shared by other sections in the Hydrology Branch.  Water supply,
floods, you get it all with our sections!****


*The link above has information on how to apply for the job.*****

*I strongly suggest interested candidates draft up a cover letter, a good
resume, and GET ON THE WR ENGINEER list* Immediately (link to exam:
http://jobs.ca.gov/Bulletin/Bulletin/Index?examCD=4PBD2 )****

Another useful link:  http://www.water.ca.gov/jobs/howtoe.cfm ****



*So why have I contacted you?*****

I need your help in recruiting some great candidates.****

If you know of any graduating seniors, graduating MS or PhD students who
would make excellent candidates, please encourage them to apply and to do
so SOON.  If they have questions, they can contact me.****

I expect over 150 applications for this job – but I would rather have
QUALITY candidates.****

Send me your best!  I promise, they’ll thank you for it should we select


I appreciate your assistance.****

When the next job is advertised, I will follow up with a link to that
position as well.****


Also keep us in mind for any students looking for work – we may have a
student position available this summer.****



Thanks for your assistance!****



*David Rizzardo, PE*****

Chief, Snow Surveys/Water Supply Forecasting****

Hydrology Branch - Division of Flood Management****

Department of Water Resources****

David.Rizzardo at water.ca.gov <daver at water.ca.gov>****

Office:  916-574-2983   Fax: 916-574-2767****

website: http://cdec.water.ca.gov/snow/ <http://cdec4gov.water.ca.gov/snow/>


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