[CoWy ASA] Denver Area R User's Group - Sept 14th CU-Denver

Matt Pocernich pocernic at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 26 13:57:48 MDT 2010

The following is being organized by some R Users at NREL.


This is the inaugural meeting for the Denver R User Group. We will  
take 5-10 minutes to discuss what the organizers have in mind for this  
group in terms of organization, future plans, etc. This will be  
followed by a 20 minute talk by Ryan Elmore on using R to analyze  
Major League Baseball data (abstract follows). We will dedicate  
approximately 30 minutes to socializing/networking post-talk. After  
the "formal" meeting on CU-Denver's campus, we will likely head out to  
a bar for a bit more socializing.

Speaker: Ryan Elmore
Title: Using R to Analyze Freely Available Sports Data
In this talk I will describe several aspects of a data analysis  
project that I recently stumbled into while waiting for a flight at  
DIA. The analysis was motivated by a comment in an article on espn.com  
about how people are losing interest in Boston Red Sox baseball games  
because the games are becoming longer. He "proved" his point with  
about 5-10 data points. I will talk about how you can go about  
downloading baseball data sets from the web and how you can use R to  
analyze/examine the data. In particular, I will introduce the basics  
of ggplot2 to construct some basic figures. Time permitting, I will  
discuss how you can go about sharing your thoughts on and posting code  
to the web.


Matthew Pocernich
Research Applications Laboratory
National Center for Atmospheric Research

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