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The Fall 2007 AGU meeting (December 10-14, San Francisco) will include a
special session: ED06 Innovative Teacher Training Programs in Earth Science.
The convenors invite submissions to the session for presentations focusing
on programs designed for in-service and/or pre-service K-12 teacher
education and professional development in Earth system science.
The deadline for online abstract submission at the AGU website
(http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm07/ <http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm07/> ) is
September 6, 2007 at 2359 UT. Questions? Please contact any of the session
organizers (see below). Additional information on the session is also
provided below.
ED06: Innovative Teacher Training Programs in Earth Science
Sponsor:  Education and Human Resources
Several recent studies have highlighted the dire need for well-prepared
science teachers. Teachers of Earth science, a gateway to advanced studies
in many other sciences and technical fields, are too often teaching
out-of-field, approaching Earth sciences from a traditional perspective, or
are challenged by the need to link research with classroom experiences.
Geoscience teacher education and professional development programs are
critical to ensure that Earth science is taught by highly qualified teachers
and approached from processes or systems perspectives.
Contributions are welcome and encouraged from innovative projects for
training pre- or in- service teachers in Earth system science. In
particular, presentations are sought from those groups and approaches that
include partnerships between geoscientists and educators.
Julia Bryce
University of New Hampshire, Dept. of Earth Sciences
julie.bryce at unh.edu
Laura Guertin
Pennsylvania State University- Delaware County, Dept. of Earth Sciences
uxg3 at psu.edu
Robert J. Myers
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
bob_myers at strategies.org
Theresa Schwerin
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
theresa_schwerin at strategies.org

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