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Susan Foster susanf at ucar.edu
Fri Aug 17 13:50:13 MDT 2007

Dear Colleagues:

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract for the Fall AGU meeting 
in response to the following Call for Papers.

Thank you,

Mark McCaffrey and Susan Foster

Call for Papers – Deadline September 6, 2007

"ED09: Advances in Bringing the Science of Climate Change and 
Sustainability to the Public, Students, and Educators"

Fall AGU conference, December 10-14, 2007, San Francisco.

Communicating the complex dynamics of the weather and climate continuum 
to education, outreach, and media audiences can be a daunting task. 
Popular misconceptions, such as the reason for the seasons and the 
relationship between the ozone hole and global warming, and the 
emotionally challenging research findings and projections about human 
induced climate change require skillful, effective strategies in order 
to foster a climate-savvy citizenry. Moreover, in an era of media 
saturation, framing the need for communities to become more sustainable 
and resilient by fostering scientifically accurate awareness of energy 
use, our dependence and impacts on natural resources, and 
vulnerabilities to climate change and related dynamics is inherently 

This session will highlight educational programs and resources that seek 
to share the science of climate change and the need for sustainability 
with US and international audiences, including K-12 students, teachers, 
and the general public. We are particularly interested in highlighting 
new or proven:

- Programs, learning activities, and lessons learned in sharing these 
important topics with the audiences, and/or

- Strategies to communicate about sustainability, energy conservation 
and efficiency and preparedness for emergency management.

Please submit your abstract to the education session "ED09: Advances in 
Bringing the Science of Climate Change and Sustainability to the Public, 
Students, and Educators" at the Fall AGU conference, 10-14 December, 
2007, in San Francisco. The deadline for abstracts is September 6th.

For additional information see:

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