[CESElist] Climate Change and Sustainability Education at AGU fall meeting

Sandra Henderson sandrah at ucar.edu
Fri Aug 10 14:30:20 MDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Could you please send out word about this session at the Fall AGU
meeting via your listserves?  The session is focused on climate change
and sustainability education for all audiences, ranging from K-12
through post graduate and informal.

Thanks very much, Roberta

The Fall 2007 AGU meeting in December (during the week of December 10,
2006) will include a special session on advances in climate change and
sustainability education.  The convenors would like to encourage
submissions to the session, with an emphasis on highlighting new or
proven, successful programs, as well as lessons learned in sharing these
topics with educational audiences.  The scope of educational efforts for
the session ranges from K-12 through postgraduate education to informal
learning.   The deadline for online abstract submission at the AGU
website (http://www.agu.org) is September 6, 2007 at 2359 UT.  If you
have any questions about the session, please be in touch with Roberta
Johnson at rmjohnsn at ucar.edu.  Additional information on the session is
provided below:

ED09: Advances in Bringing the Science of Climate Change and
Sustainability to the Public, Students, and Educators

Over the past year, the public perception of the reality of climate
change and the need to take meaningful steps to address it has
experienced a major shift. We are now well posed to share educational
programs and resources with consumers around the world in formal and
informal educational venues who are eager to learn more, and find out
what they can do to protect their future, as well as those of future
generations. This session will highlight educational programs and
resources that seek to share the science of climate change and the need
for sustainability with learners in the US, as well as with
international audiences. We are particularly interested in highlighting
new or proven, successful programs, as well as lessons learned in
sharing these important topics with educational audiences.

Roberta Johnson
UCAR Education and Outreach
Boulder, CO, USA  80305
rmjohnsn at ucar.edu

Mark McCaffery
CIRES Education & Outreach, University of Colorado at Boulder
Campus Box 448, 1540 30th Street
Boulder, CO, USA  80309
Mark.Mccaffrey at Colorado.EDU

Frank Niepold
Climate Program Office, NOAA
1315 East West Highway, 12727
Silver Spring, MD, USA  20910
frank.niepold at noaa.gov

Susan Buhr
CIRES Education & Outreach, University of Colorado at Boulder
449 UCB
Boulder, CO, USA  80309
susan.buhr at colorado.edu

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