CEDAR email: 15th AOGS 2018 - Session IG09 - Big Data in Geosciences

Uma Das umakota at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 20:10:24 MST 2017

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to present your research for the interdisciplinary session
IG09 titled 'Big Data in Geosciences' for the upcoming 15th AOGS 2018 at
Hawaii during 03-08 June 2018 at Hawaii (

Note that MARS portal is now open for abstract submission and closes on 19
January 2018.


Our session description is as follows:

Big Data analytics is an emerging field percolating into every other field
beginning from cloud storage to stock market fluctuations to the many sub
branches of sciences. Atmospheric, space and earth sciences are no
exception with huge amounts of data flowing in from satellites, networks of
ground stations, models and reanalyses. Many of these datasets, in addition
to having a basic science inquisitiveness appeal to the research-oriented
mind, are also interesting many socio-economical groups. Data
investigations, analysis, pattern finding, data curation, visualization,
sharing, querying are all a huge question in today’s world where data
inflow rate is very high, thereby demanding more efficient tools to address
and utilize the large amounts of data for the benefit of mankind.

The session invites all researchers from atmospheric, space and earth
sciences to present their work with Big Data. All aspects related to data
analytics methods and tools, Big Data solutions, Big Data processing,
visualization, sharing, querying, and results obtained from these studies
involving Big Data are all welcome. Researchers in these areas are invited
to come together to discuss future directions in utilization of Big Data in
space, atmospheric and earth sciences for the benefits of mankind like
natural disasters & management and regional and space weather forecasting.


We look forward to having a fruitful session with all of you and see you at

Uma Das
Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani, India

Sanat Kumar Das
Bose Institute, India

C. J. Pan
National Central University, Taiwan
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