CEDAR email: Call for participation in GEM-CEDAR Modeling Challenge Session at 2017 mini-GEM Workshop

Shim, Ja Soon (GSFC-674.0)[CATHOLIC UNIV OF AMERICA] jasoon.shim at nasa.gov
Mon Nov 27 11:28:16 MST 2017

Dear Colleague,

Please join us for a discussion on our GEM-CEDAR Modeling Challenge <https://ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/challenges/GEM-CEDAR/> on Sunday, December 10 at mini-GEM Workshop.

Date: Sunday, December 10, 2017
Time: 3:30-5:00 pm
Location: St. Charles Room of the Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center

We will focus on NmF2 and TEC  modeling studies for both disturbed and quiet times.

Tentative presentations and topics for discussion:
    1.    foF2/TEC response to the March 2013 storm event: Ioanna Tsagouri (NOA) and Ja Soon Shim (GSFC/CUA)
    2.    Ionospheric quiet time climatology during 2012: Larisa Goncharenko (MIT)
    3.    New developments in Madrigal and its use for TEC studies : Anthea Coster (MIT)
    4.    ROTI/Scintillations: Endawoke Yizengaw (BC)
    5.    Discussion:
    ⁃    What is the anticipated outcome of our ionospheric metric studies?
    ⁃    How can a proper metrics be chosen for our ionospheric studies?

Please let us know If you are interested in presenting your thoughts and ideas, and you have suggestions or comments on the GEM-CEDAR Modeling Challenge.

Best regards,

Ja Soon Shim
Ludger Scherliess
Ioanna Tsagouri
Endawoke Yizengaw
Masha Kuznetsova

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