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Birkelandsymposium 15th June  - Live Stream

Prof Kristian Birkeland, the world’s first space scientist, was born in Kristiania, Norway in1867. Birkeland is indeed famous for his pioneering research on Aurora Borealis and for his innovations leading to the industrial production of fertilizers.

In 2017, the legacy of the physicist Kristian Birkeland still stands solid – 150 years after his birth and 100 years after his death.  Birkeland made several breakthrough world-innovations before his tragic death, and left behind a considerable amount of scientific publications and patents.

On June 15 we have an exciting program filled with international key note speakers providing scientific, technology and user perspectives on various space weather phenomena and challenges. On June 16 we also welcome partisipants to a workshop: welcoming contributed talks, good discussion, that hopefully will lead to new Collaborations


We are streaming all the lectures live. If you want you can share the link with colleagues and your network on Thursday:


Here is a link to an article about Birkeland. Enjoy:

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