CEDAR email: CEDAR 2017 "Hackathon"

Hirsch, Michael mhirsch at bu.edu
Sun Jun 11 11:05:40 MDT 2017

CEDAR 2017 workshop attendees: 
Given the leap forward in the role of software and networks of sensors in geospace science of all types, there is community interest in an *informal "hackathon" at the CEDAR 2017 workshop*,  where people peer one-on-one or in small groups on Programming, Hardware or other geospace-relevant issues.

The poll linked below allows you to indicate which time(s) (lunchtime/evenings) would work for you--we'll find a venue based on time/number of people:


Example 1: You have a software program you want to share,  but your collaborators have trouble running it--learn how to distribute  platform-independent software (runs easily on Mac/Linux/Windows), and how to incrementally migrate it to a new language if desired. 

Example 2: You are building a custom GPS receiver, and would  like to hear from other's experiences on such  hardware/software/environmental concerns for field-deployed instruments. 

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