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Kristina A. Lynch Kristina.A.Lynch at dartmouth.edu
Mon Jun 12 11:09:39 MDT 2017

Cedar community:

Please consider participating in our session on

Assimilating auroral ionospheric observations:

remote sensing, in situ observations, and local-scale and global modelling

during the Thursday afternoon block (4-6 pm).  See


The Poker 2017 auroral rocket campaign has brought together a large science team focussed on synergistic use of models and data with an eye toward developing assimilative analysis strategies for these types of experiments.  We would like to continue and expand upon the collaborations formed during the campaign.

Science challenge:  how do we combine varied observational data sources to best effect in feeding local-scale and global models of the auroral ionospheric system?

i. Associated questions to be addressed involve the system science of the lower auroral ionosphere and its coupling both to the magnetosphere through currents, and to the thermosphere through winds.

ii.  Existing resources include a variety of conjugate observation case studies, and existing assimilative models.  Planned/needed resources include more fully developed and capable assimilative models, as well as good plans for incorporating different data sources into them.

iii.  Progress metrics:  Conjugate studies as described here allow for a test of the models’ intepretation by comparing to in situ data.  A metric for progress is the extent to which the developed/improved models can be used to interpret remote sensing data with confidence without the checkpoint of in situ comparison.


Assimilating auroral ionospheric observations:

remote sensing, in situ observations, and local-scale and global modelling




Overview group:

--->Lynch, Isinglass campaign

--->Pfaff/Clemmons, Jets campaign


Previous assimilative examples group:

--->Zettergren to introduce

--->Schierless, examples of assimilated data modelling

--->Chartier, assimilative example:  TEC/neutrals


Local data combine/compare group:

Local-scale estimation and sort of assimilation, combining/comparing disparate data sets

--->Don Hampton organizing

--->Pfaff Jets team, groundbased and in situ and imagery comparisons

--->Gillies, SuperDARN+RISR

--->Isinglass team,  groundbased and in situ and imagery comparisons


local scale modelling group:

--->Zettergren organizing

--->Walterscheid, thermosphere-ionosphere modeling

--->Grubbs, Burleigh, auroral inversions and radar modelling


discussion moderators:


Panel discussion goal/focus:

• local scale assimilative techniques panel discussion.

• Strategies for and challenges with developing local-scale data assimilation methods

• Science questions that can benefit from local scale assimilation - we will solicit suggestions from likely participants beforehand and put up a list to talk around.

• what local scale assimilative strategy might look like and some of the challenges.

• guided discussion of progress and future plans; guided discussion of development of analysis metrics and plan.

• proposal for some sort of explicit CEDAR effort/challenge/workinggroup

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