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From Kazuo Shiokawa (shiokawa at nagoya-u.jp)

SCOSTEP's VarSITI (Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact, 2014-2018)

VarSITI Newsletter volume 10 has now been published.  The PDF file is available at 
Below are the contents of this volume.  

Contents of VarSITI Newsletter Volume 10

tenth Newsletter <Vol.10,  July 2016>
Articles (candidate of writer/ possible topic/ related project)
1. Erdal Yiğit, Takuji Nakamura and Claudia Stolle/ ROSMIC’s Coupling by Dynamics-Working Group/ ROSMIC
2. Ilia Iankov Roussev/ New Funding Opportunity at NSF of Relevance to VarSITI

Young scientist (candidate/ country/ related project)
1. Xin Cheng/ China/ ISEST
2. Neethal Thomas/ India/ SPeCIMEN
3. B. Olufemi Adebesin/ Nigeria, USA/ ROSMIC

Meeting report (meeting name/ candidate of writer/ related project)
1. Space Climate School and Space Climate Symposium 30 March - 7 April 2016, Levi, Finland/ Kalevi Mursula and Timo Asikainen/ VarSITI
2. 3rd International ANtarctic Gravity Wave Instrument Network (ANGWIN) Science Workshop/ Tracy Moffat-Griffin/ ROSMIC
3. Session of Extreme Space Weather Events EGU 2016/ Christine Amory-Mazaudier/ ROSMIC
4. German Research Program ROMIC in Külungsborn/ Franz-Josef Lübken/ ROSMIC
5. JpGU2016 Space Weather, Space Climate and VarSITI session, 22-23 May, Makuhari, Japan/ Ryuho Kataoka/ VarSITI
6. The First VarSITI General Sym-posium, 6-10 June 2016, Al-bena, Bulgaria/ Katya Georgieva/ VarSITI
7. The 6th International HEPPA-SOLARIS Workshop/ Pekka T. Verronen/ ROSMIC

Upcoming meetings

Short News 1: Request for Information: Future Directions in Solar Terrestrial Physics/ Nat Gopalswamy
Short News 2: SCOSTEP Awards 2016/ Nat Gopalswamy

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