CEDAR email: Fall AGU 2016 -- Session SH011 -- Abstracts welcome !

Vanessa George Vanessa.George at lasp.colorado.edu
Wed Jul 20 08:51:30 MDT 2016

Greetings!  On behalf of Session SH011 conveners Amir Caspi (primary) and Tom Woods:

We cordially invite you to submit a contributed abstract for the Fall AGU 2016 Meeting, Session SH011, "New Observations and Recent Results for Solar X-ray Spectral Measurements and their Applications for Earth's Atmosphere." This session is inspired by recent and upcoming missions to measure the critically under-observed ~0.2-5 keV (~0.25-6 nm) spectral range, including the Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) CubeSat.

We invite presentations discussing spectrally-resolved solar X-ray measurements (including spectroscopy and imaging), new techniques, and instrumentation; their implications for studies of plasma heating and particle acceleration in the flaring and quiescent corona; and their influence on Earth's upper atmosphere.  The full session description, and a link to submit an abstract, can be found here:


The deadline to submit an abstract is 3 August 2016.  We look forward to your submissions!

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