[Tgcmgroup] LSF path warnings

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Fri Sep 14 09:51:23 MDT 2007


If you've received email from CISL (e.g., huangwei) w/ warnings
about LSF v6.2 being hardwired in dot files, all you need to do 
is make sure *any* references to "lsf" or "LSF" are commented
or removed from your ~/.cshrc file (or the dot file for whatever 
shell you are using). Removing is better, as I received the
email even tho my references to LSF were already commented out.

This should be done on both bluevista and blueice.

This is to make sure you are using the new version of LSF every
time its upgraded (to 7.0 on bv, in this case).

However, note that they apparently upgraded bluevista *only*, 
*not* blueice yet (don't ask me why), so if you type "which bsub",
you should be using 7.0 on bluevista, and 6.2 on blueice
(in the directory /usr/local/lsf) 

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