[Tgcmgroup] Divisional File Systems Data Move

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Wed Oct 24 10:42:52 MDT 2007


As you can see below, the date to move /hao has been
changed to Nov 6-7.


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Subject: Divisional File Systems Data Move
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 10:37:50 -0600
To: Ben Foster <foster at hao.ucar.edu>, Dennis Shea <shea at cgd.ucar.edu>, Stacy 
Walters <stacy at ucar.edu>, Terri Eads <eads at rap.ucar.edu>, Pat Waukau 
<waukau at ucar.edu>
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We have to move the divisional file systems data from bluevista to  
blueice storage. During the move, the file systems will be made "read  
only" and then remounted back as "read-write" and exported back to  
bluevista when the move is complete. Email will be sent to each one  
of you at the start and also when the data has been successfully  
moved. Our target move dates will be from November 06 - December  
15th. We would like to be done by the weekend of December 15th. Also,  
if at all possible we would prefer to move the data during the week  
instead of weekends. If it is absolutely necessary that the data  
cannot be moved during the week, we will move the data during a weekend.

Here is a list of the file systems, please let me know what days you  
would prefer:

/hao      Contact:  Ben Foster, Will move on November 6-7
/waccm Contact: Stacy
/acd       Contact: Stacy
/cgd       Contact: Shea
/ccsm    Contact: Shea
/rap       Contact: Eads
/mmm/users  Contact: Waukau
/mmm/mmmtmp  Contact: Waukau

Please email me your preferred dates for the move as soon as possible.



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