[Tgcmgroup] tgcmproc_f90

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Tue Oct 16 14:23:13 MDT 2007


Version 2.2 of tgcmproc_f90 is now available on HAO Linux and SCD
super-computer systems. Please use the following commands on either
HAO or SCD machines:

"tgcmproc_f90" to read 5x5 degree history files
"tgcmproc_dres_f90" to read 2.5x2.5 degree history files

These commands now replace the tgcmproc_f90new and tgcmproc_dres_f90new
binaries that have been used for testing purposes until this release.

FYI, the source code is in $TGCMROOT/tgcmproc2.2_f90, and
the cvs tag is tgcmproc2-2.


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