[Tgcmgroup] tgcmproc_f90 version 1.7

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Tue Jun 7 17:32:24 MDT 2005

To tgcmproc_f90 users:

I have updated the fortran TGCM post-processor, tgcmproc_f90,
to version 1.7. This processor runs on the following systems:

SCD Linux lightning
SCD SGI   tempest
SCD IBM   bluesky

HAO Linux (Fedora or Enterprise, not rh9)
  (Has been tested in default configuration on 12 Fedora linux 
   machines, and 1 Enterprise machine at hao)
  (This processor does *NOT* run on Sun Solaris workstations)

It runs quite fast on the SCD lightning machine.

To use this processor, set these env vars in your .cshrc files
(you probably already have these):
At HAO: setenv TGCMROOT /home/tgcm
        setenv TGCMDATA /toshi/ftp/pub/tgcm/data

At SCD: setenv TGCMROOT /fis/hao/tgcm
        setenv TGCMDATA /hao/tgcm/data

Then add $TGCMROOT/bin.`uname -s` to your path:
  set path = ( $TGCMROOT/bin.`uname -s` $path )

Now you should have access to the command "tgcmproc_f90".
(you might need to type "rehash" after sourcing the .cshrc file)

You can use the command MkTgcmprocinp to get an example namelist
read file called tgcmproc_example.inp. To execute the processor
with this input file, give the following command:

tgcmproc_f90 < tgcmproc_example.inp

The principal new feature of this version is that it runs under
Linux OS (SCD lightning and HAO Fedora OS), but there are several
other changes.  For a detailed description of changes from version 
1.6, see /home/tgcm/tgcmproc_f90/README_1.7 at hao.


Ben Foster		      	High Altitude Observatory (HAO)
foster at ucar.edu			phone: 303-497-1595  fax: 303-497-1589  
Nat. Center for Atmos. Res.     P.O. Box 3000 Boulder CO 80307 USA

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