[Tgcmgroup] tgcmproc_f90

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Fri Apr 30 16:52:03 MDT 2004


Because rcp commands have been disallowed on scd super-computers,
I have updated tgcmproc_f90 in which rcp commands for output files
have been converted to scp commands. This is the method tgcmproc now uses
to transfer output files (e.g., tgcmproc.cgm, tgcmproc.ps, tgcmproc.dat,
etc) to a remote system. The remote system and path is specified by namelist
read inputs sendcgm, sendps, senddat, etc.

This means that when you run this new version interactively (at the command
line or from a script), the processor will prompt you for a password for 
the scp of each output file(s) at the end of the run. If you provide your
password (e.g., your hao password if sendxxx was to an hao machine), the
file transfer will work. However, if you submit a batch job, the scp will 
fail. At that point you can manually scp the output files from the execution 
directory (they will be named tgcmproc.cgm, tgcmproc.ps, etc). (If you submit
a batch job to SGI, make sure the execution directory is NOT $TMPDIR)

At a later date, we may be able to use "unattended" scp, in which case you 
will not need to provide a password for scp to transfer the files.

You can also comment out the sendxxx namelist inputs to avoid any attempt
at scp from the processor. In this case, you can manually scp the files
from the execution directory after the run. 

This is version 1.5 of tgcmproc.  As always, the executables for IBM and SGI 
and the source are on mss in /TGCM/tgcmproc (along with earlier versions)
(xxx_aix is for IBM, xxx_o2k is for SGI):

Partial mss listing of /TGCM/tgcmproc:

-rw----rw-  1 FOSTER  24100004  7969276 Apr 30 15:11 tgcmproc1.5_aix
-rw----rw-  1 FOSTER  93300025  9855328 Apr 30 15:21 tgcmproc1.5_o2k
-rw----rw-  1 FOSTER  24100004  7969276 Apr 30 15:19 tgcmproc_aix
-rw----rw-  1 FOSTER  93300025  9855328 Apr 30 15:19 tgcmproc_o2k
-rw----rw-  1 FOSTER  24100004   677527 Apr 30 15:18 tgcmproc_src.tar.Z


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foster at ucar.edu			phone: 303-497-1595  fax: 303-497-1589  
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