[Tgcmgroup] file transfers between scd and hao

Ben Foster foster at hao.ucar.edu
Thu Apr 29 13:12:17 MDT 2004

Hi tgcmgroup:

They (scd) has apparently disallowed rcp to/from divisional machines,
as of this morning. Therefore, we need to use scp. We can transfer
both directions using scp, but the command must always be initiated 
from the scd machine (not from hao).

However, because the ssh daemon is apparently not running on the hao
Sun machines, we need to run scp through hao Linux systems instead
of a Sun workstation. For example, say you are logged into dave, and 
you want to copy the file "test" from your hao home:

bf2401>  scp suncat.hao:test .       # get test from hao home

You may need to answer "yes" to authentication questions. Then use your 
hao password when prompted for password.

This works because suncat is a Linux box running the ssh daemon.
(I think ssh is running on most if not all Linux systems at hao).
(It does not currently work for cedar, hao, or any Suns that I know of).

You can also reach external disks attached to hao workstations as
well, e.g., to copy the file "test" from /vishnu/e/foster:

bf2401> scp suncat.hao:/vishnu/e/foster/test .  # get test from /vishnu/e

Or to send the "test" file to hao from an scd super, use:

bf2401> scp test suncat.hao:dir/test         # put file dir/test on hao home
bf2401> scp test suncat.hao:/vishnu/e/foster # put file test on /vishnu/e/foster

Always remember the general form of the scp command: scp source destination

Scp commands can be put in csh scripts, and aliases will work as well, but
the command must be executed from the scd machine, and you must be there to 
give your password. Later, we may be able to set up unattended scp transfers.


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