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Hi all,

I'm resending a message that was send to the pyaos list regarding a Python
symposium and short courses being offered at the Annual AMS meeting.


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The program for the AMS Sixth Symposium on Advances in Modeling and
Analysis Using Python is here:


I'm very excited about the oral and poster presentations we have lined
up and want to thank everyone who will be presenting!

I wanted to highlight two items.  First, Jonathan Helmus will be
delivering our Core Science Keynote on Monday at 11 am.  If you're
interested in learning more about Core Science Keynotes, see:


Second, throughout the two days of the Symposium, you'll see sessions
entitled "Brief Python Tutorials Workshop".  These are short, practical
tutorials regarding one particular topic or tool.

AMS is offering two Python-related short courses, a beginner's course on
Python and a PyNIO and related Python tools course.  See here for details:


The early-registration deadline is Dec 1 for the Annual Meeting and the
short courses.  Hope folks can make it!

Finally, thanks to the rest of the Python Symposium planning committee
for all their hard work:  Hannah Aizenman, David Brown, Aashish Chaudhary,
Scott Collis, Charles Doutriaux, Mary Haley, and Dean Williams!


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