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Julie Prestopnik via RT met_help at ucar.edu
Mon Jan 10 09:35:40 MST 2022

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Hello MET Help,

I've received a NetCDF file from a partner with 24 hour accumulated
snowfall in mm and I am trying to run MODE using a NOHRSC grib2 file. When
running MODE I get the following error:

ERROR  : Trouble reading forecast file

The NetCDF file can be downloaded here:

The script I am using and the NOHRSC grib2 file I am using I've attached
here. Can you provide any help as to why MODE cannot read the NetCDF file?
Is there something wrong with the way the file is formatted or do you think
there is something wrong in my script? Any help or ideas you could provide
would be greatly appreciated.


Benjamin Albright, Phd.
Meteorological Developer
Systems Research Group, Inc. at NOAA/NWS/Weather Prediction Center
Work email:  benjamin.albright at noaa.gov
Work phone: 301-683-1474

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