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John Halley Gotway via RT met_help at ucar.edu
Mon Oct 7 12:28:02 MDT 2019

  Initial Request

Good evening,
I am trying to run the tutorial and am running into some issues. I am working
on a windows machine using docker to get the tutorial running. I get to the
step where I am to setenv MET_TUTORIAL_DIR 'pwd' and I get the following
The term 'setenv' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script
file, or operable program.
Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the
path is correct and try again.

  Complete Ticket History

Subject: MET Online Tutorial
From: John Halley Gotway
Time: Thu Oct 03 09:54:55 2019

Hello Andrew,

My co-worker forwarded this question to me that you sent via the RAL
website feedback form.  In the future, please direct comments and
questions about the MET software to the met_help at ucar.edu email
support system:


I see that you're getting an error trying to call the "setenv" command
on your terminal.  The most likely explanation is that you're probably
running a bash, sh, or ksh shell.  setenv is the command you run in
the c-shell to set environment variables.  Here's the equivalent
command for bash, sh, or ksh:

export MET_TUTORIAL=`pwd`

Anytime you run across a "setenv" c-shell command, please replace it
with the equivalent "export" bash command:

# For c-shell
setenv A B

# For bash
export A=B

Thanks for letting us know this caused confusion.  I'll take a look at
the tutorial to see how we can clarify this.

John Halley Gotway


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