[Met_help] [rt.rap.ucar.edu #79863] History for MET Security Questions

John Halley Gotway via RT met_help at ucar.edu
Fri Apr 14 11:00:40 MDT 2017

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This transaction appears to have no content

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Subject: MET Security Questions
From: John Halley Gotway
Time: Wed Mar 22 10:37:21 2017


Ah, perhaps I understand the confusion now.  You sent an email titled
Security Questions" but it came through as:
   "This transaction appears to have no content"

Perhaps you sent something that is not readable via email?  Please try
again or send it as an attachment and we'll take a look.


On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM, robert.craig.2 at us.af.mil via RT <
met_help at ucar.edu> wrote:

> Thu Mar 16 15:00:53 2017: Request 79863 was acted upon.
> Transaction: Ticket created by robert.craig.2 at us.af.mil
>        Queue: met_help
>      Subject: MET Security Questions
>        Owner: Nobody
>   Requestors: robert.craig.2 at us.af.mil
>       Status: new
>  Ticket <URL:
https://rt.rap.ucar.edu/rt/Ticket/Display.html?id=79863 >
> This transaction appears to have no content


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