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Tue Apr 14 10:36:22 MDT 2015

  Initial Request

Hi Randy,
Thanks for your work implementing the longitude shift in MODE.
Unfortunately, we're just starting to use this and we've come up against an error message, which looks like this:
../bin/mode fcst.2282.grib anal.2282.grib ../out/mode/config/mode_wind.cfg -outdir ../out/mode 
DEBUG 1: Default Config File: ./METv4.1/data/config/MODEConfig_default
DEBUG 1: Match Config File: ../out/mode/config/mode_wind.cfg
DEBUG 1: Merge Config File: ../out/mode/config/mode_wind.cfg
ERROR  :   LatLonGrid::shift_right(int) -> shifting is not allowed for non-global grids

Can you tell me how MODE identifies whether a grid is global or not?
I have tried to attach the GRIB1 files referred to in the output above to this message, so we'll see whether they get through.
Have you any advice on how we can get around this issue, please?

Kind Regards,

Dr Rachel North, Research Scientist 
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From: Mittermaier, Marion 
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Subject: Fw: longitude cut line for MODE

Good news!

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Subject: Re: longitude cut line for MODE

Hi Marion - 

I've got the longitude cut-line stuff implemented for MODE.
I tried to email a tarball to you, but it was too large and didn't go through.

I know you're on vacation through October 15.  I'll be on vacation myself next week, but I'll be back October 14.  I'll put the code on our ftp site when I get back.

There's a new integer parameter called "shift_right" in the MODE configuration file.
If you set it to 50, for example, the grid data (and map) will be shifted 50 grid units to the right.  Please note that this only works on global lat/lon grids.
Also it currently works only on met netcdf files and grib1 files.

I tried it on the (huge!) grib file you sent me.  I've attached png's of the first page of the MODE graphical output for the shifted and unshifted data.
The shifted run has shift_right set to 256 in the configuration file.
Since the grid has 1024 points in the x-direction, this corresponds to moving the longitude cut line 90 degrees.  I've also attached the config file I used to run MODE.

As for the truly global version of MODE that we talked about when you were here, none of the upper management people around here seem interested in it.  Of course, they listen politely and nod their heads when I talk about it, but I can tell they're not interested.
...Which is a shame because I'd really like to do it.

Take care.  Hope all's well with you.


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