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Hello Team,

                          Can i install MET on AIX.pls suggest me


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Subject: Re: [rt.rap.ucar.edu #62070]
From: Julie Prestopnik
Time: Wed Jul 03 09:55:12 2013

Hello.  Looking through past met_help posts, I see that previous
versions (prior to METv4.1) were successfully installed on AIX.
this was when the MET developers had access to testing on an IBM
machine.   Unfortunately, the only IBM available to us at NCAR for
testing was recently decommissioned.  So we are unable to test the MET
code on an IBM, and will no longer be able to support the MET software
on IBM platforms unless we regain access to an IBM for testing.

But, I wouldn't say that you can't install MET on AIX.  It would
certainly be worth trying.  If you should run into any problems during
the installation, we would have limited ability to help solve these
problems, though, as we do not have access to test on an IBM machine.
I'm sorry I don't have an easy answer for you.


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> Hello Team,
>                            Can i install MET on AIX.pls suggest me

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