[Met_help] AFWA grib codes in METv2

Shaw, Michael J CTR USAF AFWA 16 WS/WXE Michael.Shaw.Ctr at offutt.af.mil
Thu Mar 18 12:19:54 MDT 2010



Is there an AFWA grib code parameter table option?  If not, how can I
specify grib codes or variables/parameters that do not jibe with what MET
expects for it's assumed grib codes?






Michael Shaw, Contractor

SAIC/NASA Support Scientist

michael.shaw.ctr at offutt.af.mil

16WS Environmental Characterization


101 Nelson Drive

Offutt AFB, NE 68113-1023

402-232-7690 Comm * 402-272-7690 DSN * 402-294-8230 Fax


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