[Met_help] Verify precip outsice of the US

John Halley Gotway johnhg at ucar.edu
Fri Apr 9 15:58:05 MDT 2010


Good question.  Unfortunately, the answer is that there's no easy way of doing it.  You'll need to process those observations files (TRMM or whatever) into a form that MET can use.  First, you need to
decide if you want to treat them as point observations or gridded observations.

To treat them as point observations, you could read them using whatever tool you'd like - for example, NCL (NCAR command language) would work.  But there are a lot of tools that can read NetCDF.  You
could read the gridded data and then just dump them out into the ASCII format that the ASCII2NC tool expects.  And then run the ASCII file through ASCII2NC and use the observations in the Point-Stat tool.

To treat them as gridded observations, you'll need to process the gridded observation data yourself and regrid it to your model domain.  After you do that you could write out the data into a NetCDF
format that looks like the NetCDF output of the PCP-Combine tool.  Then the MET grid-to-grid tools would be able to read it.

Unfortunately though, it's your responsibility to prepare the observations for use in MET.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


¾ü÷ wrote:
>  Hi John,
> I want to verify WRF precipitation outside of the US.
> If I have the observe precipitation data in NetCDF(such as TRMM precipitation data), How can I  interpolate the observation fields to WRF forecast fields?
> Thanks
> Ban
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