[Met_help] Problem with MET and accumulation intervals

Thomas Schwitalla Thomas.Schwitalla at uni-hohenheim.de
Tue Nov 17 00:23:48 MST 2009

Hi John,

currently I have a problem using pcp_combine with a grib dataset for 
precipitation verification. I get the following error message as an 
"can't find grib code 61 with accumulation of XX hours in grib file". I 
attached a sample grib file, maybe you can reproduce the error.

Best regards from Hohenheim

*Thomas Schwitalla                      *
*Institute of Physics and Meteorology   *
*University of Hohenheim                *
*Garbenstrasse 30                       *
*70599 Stuttgart                        *
*Germany                                *
*Tel.: +49 711 459 22154                *

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