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Craig, Robert J Civ USAF AFWA 2 WXG/WEA craigr at offutt.af.mil
Fri Nov 6 14:12:50 MST 2009

We have been running MODE for our cloud forecasts over a period of
several weeks.  Originally, we wanted to be able to summarize the
position errors of the cloud features.  But our domain was too small to
be able to completely resolve cloud features so we are now running mode
on our larger domain forecast.  However to make use of the data we have
already collected for a briefing, I was going to try to get a handle on
cloud area differences between the forecast and the observation.  Also,
I would like to get the number of times the forecast missed the observed
cloud or cloud was forecast but didn't occur.  


Looking through the documentation, it just is not very clear on what
options I should set in mode analysis to get the data listed above.  My
current command line is:


/sphome/qcteam/METv2.0/bin/mode_analysis -lookin
/sphome/qcteam/METv2.0/out/mode/t06 -dump_row /sphome/qcteam/mode_dump
-summary -column AREA_RATIO -column INTERSECTION_AREA -column UNION_AREA
-column AREA -column INTEREST -pair  -cluster -out
/sphome/qcteam/dcf_obs_pair_cluster -fcst_lead 24


I would like to summarize the data by forecast hour, so I would run it
with differenc -fcst_lead values.  When I run this the area is 0.  If I
run using -bycase, I get counts for fcst matched and obs matched but not
fcst unmatched and ob unmatched.  I don't use the -matched/-unmatched
since the documentation implied you would get both if you didn't include


What options should I be running with?




Bob Craig

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